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I am available for a 30 minute confidential non judgemental mental health consultation.
The aim of this one-off consultation is to explore current concerns and identify possible next steps moving forward. 
This may be for you or for someone close to you that you are concerned about.
It will give you an opportunity to obtain a better understanding and evaluate the situation that is being presented and If appropriate it may include signposting or referrals.
Please note this may not necessarily lead to setting up therapeutic sessions with me as I may not have availability that matches yours. It may also be that therapy is not required or that you or the person involved would benefit from another professional with more expertise in a particular area.
The consultation can be arranged at a mutually convenient time on the phone or on zoom. The cost of the consultation is £70 and when a day and time is agreed I will send you an invoice that would need to be paid before the session takes place.
Please fill in the online contact form