Testimonials from parents

My son at the end of year 5 (aged 10) started to develop terrible anxiety and attachment issues to the point he was refusing to go to school and I could not leave the house without him even for 10 mins. This seemed to come from nowhere and I couldn’t see away to help him through it so we turned to Emma Cohn and over a succession of weeks my son met up with Emma,  through  play and giving him tools to deal with his anxiety I now have my happy son back He now goes to school and I can now go out without him with no angst. I can not recommend Emma Cohn highly enough.

Mother of 10 year old

Emma was recommended to me for my 11yr old son who had been experiencing acute anxiety.

He was reluctant and unsure about going but from the first session Emma put him at ease and he told me he really wanted to go back and continue to see her.

Over 12 sessions we have noticed a marked change in our son. He is now sleeping better, not having panic attacks and seems so much happier. Giving him the privacy and space to talk to someone definitely helped and I would say Emma is a sensible, caring and safe pair of hands. Therapy has hopefully given him the gift of learning the tools to be able to help himself cope with anxiety as he moves through life.

Mother of 12 year old

When my five year old son was really struggling with separation anxiety, I was at the end of my tether: he was doing very well academically at school, and had lots of friends, but he could not cope with the thought of me leaving him at school each day.   He would cry and throw tantrums every morning, even reducing me to tears some days, as I felt there was nothing I could do.

My son’s school recommended therapy with Emma, and they felt sure she would be able to help.  They were right.  From the first session, I could see how safe my son felt with Emma, as she listened to him and slowly built up his trust in her.  At last, he felt there was someone who would really listen to his fears and tell him it was ok to be sad sometimes.

Due to the separation anxiety, my son was reluctant to let me leave the room during that first session, but by the second and third sessions, he was practically marching me out the door and ordering me to leave!  He would run in to see Emma and not look back.

Now, a few sessions later, the change in my son has been incredible.  He tells me off if we are a little late arriving at school!  And he cannot wait to get in the classroom and see his teachers.

Bringing my son to see Emma was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I know that if we encounter any problems in the future, Emma’s door is always open.

Mother of 5 year old

When my 8 year son first came to Emma I was so worried for him. He cried constantly, he was very unhappy at school, unable to make friends and his confidence was at rock bottom. Not only was it affecting his school work but he was just so so sad. It made my heart ache and I was very worried for his future.

After just one session I knew I’d found someone who could help. Emma was kind, put my son at ease and immediately told me that what he was going through was “normal”.

Over the following weeks she worked with my son to lessen his anxiety and restore his confidence.
Before long his friendship issues at school dramatically improved and he stopped being sad.

Emma has taught my son that is okay not to be happy all the time and mechanisms for coping when it all gets a bit too much. Best of all he knows, as I do, if he ever feels so unhappy again her door is always open. Seeking Emma’s help was the best thing we have ever done.

Mother of 8 year old

15 year old daughter after having a negative experience with a counsellor was very reluctant to come to Emma. However after session one we have not looked back. Emma has a way with young people that makes them feel valued and understood.

Emma has helped my daughter who was struggling with friendships and self esteem issues. Subsequently my daughter has grown in confidence and recently she has established consistent and healthy friendships. I am indebted to Emma for helping her through this difficult time in her life.

Mother of 15 year

My 9 year old daughter’s sessions with Emma have entirely changed my daughter’s approach to anger. Emma has taught her invaluable skills to help her with managing her emotions. My daughter was 3 when her father and I got divorced and she still carries a lot of disappointment and anger as a result. She also suffers from low self-esteem.

I have observed a marked change in my daughter’s demeanour since she started visiting Emma. She seems so much more settled in herself and I put that down to the sensitivity with which Emma has helped her to express some of what she is feeling, my daughter is comfortable to speak with Emma as she understands all their conversations are private and not shared with me in any detail.

Mother of 9 year old child

I would highly recommend Emma, she understands children and how best to communicate with them when their emotions are running high.My 6 year old daughter was having issues managing her anger. She was extremely reluctant to attend the sessions I arranged for her with Emma.

On the first day I had to literally drag her into the room. By the time the first session was over she had firmly bonded with Emma. After a few sessions we noticed a drastic improvement in her behaviour in that she was able to express her feelings in a more constructive manner.

The sessions with Emma have become something she looks forward to with enthusiasm and a focus of her week. A quote from my daughter ‘ Emma is very important to me’.

Mother of child age 6

I was so happy that my son could talk to Emma about his feelings and express himself .  She has such a special way with children and offered him so much support during a difficult time.  He loved going to speak to Emma and found her sessions fun and engaging and really had no idea at all that he was actually working on feeling better about himself in her sessions.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Mother of child aged 10

I’m indebted to a kidspace and all the help they offered my Son who was very reluctant to attend the first week but couldn’t wait to go back the second!

Stacey and Emma know exactly what they are doing, how to handle the children that are shy and how to bring out the most from the workshops.

My son saw other similarly aged children experiencing the same feelings that he was and it made him feel better and that he wasn’t alone. The Techniques he was taught he is using all the time and I truly believe they have helped him adjust to the new life he finds himself in.

Thank you akidspace.

Mother of child age 11

My daughter was able to see that there were other children in her position and seemed to have had a sense of belonging and bonding in one of the group work sessions. She has also been using some of the discussions within the sessions to process her worries, and to build up her bag of resources about what helps her when she is worried. She has actively been using some of her identified resources. I would recommend this group for other children.

Mother of child age 6

“I am so happy my daughter attended the two akidspace workshop sessions. I needed to know from a professional point of view how growing up without a dad was making her feel. Emma and the other group leaders have been really supportive by helping her share her feelings. I would highly recommend it to any other families in a similar situation. Thanks so much.”

Mother of 7 year old

I’m very grateful for akidspace and all the help they offered my children. The preparation in understanding our family situation before the workshops was great and made it clear that the care offered was individual and particular.

My children were quite reluctant to attend the first week and took a lot of persuasion. But I’m go glad they went. Once there they enjoyed it, got to know other children and felt very comfortable. My daughter was even keen to return the next week.

I’m glad for the space the workshops gave my children to think and reflect on what is happening in their family at the moment. I know they don’t want to think about it as it saddens them. But it’s good and healthy for them to think about it. akidspace helped that happen in a calm, supportive and guided environment. And it was very helpful that they were with other children in similar situations so they didn’t feel on their own, or like a special case.

Father of two children who attended akidspace

A few weeks ago I was driving along and listening to a subject on the radio which was very much in the forefront of my mind that day. It was the issue of each parent having the right of contact with children after separation/divorce.

My ex partner and the father of my two children is one of the 14% of absent parents that have no contact at all with their children (personally I’d say this figure is incorrect, I’d put it much higher). This is entirely his decision, at this time, nothing can be done to compel contact. My younger daughter has recently been very concerned about the rejection and it has made me feel powerless to ease her grief.

When I heard Emma from akidspace speak on the radio I pulled the car over and listened to what she had to say. This truly was the answer to the dilemma I faced on a daily basis. Children look to parents to know all the answers, however, on the subject of the absent father it’s left me constantly wondering what I could do to make her feel better equipped to deal with the rejection.

Without delay I contacted Emma and within days my daughter (8 years old) was attending the 2 day workshop in Covent Garden. Immediately I could see a difference in her confidence as she bounced out of the first meeting with a big beaming smile. On the second day she came out with her “My Feel Better Bag”. The workshop gave my daughter the chance to speak openly with others, I’m not party to those conversations. I got the impression that she liked the fact that there was a degree of independence and made not to feel awkward about talking openly about her loss and her feelings.

As for me the parent, it’s a weight off my mind, it’s something that has given me lots of sleepless nights. Finally this problem has been addressed with positive results. Although we set ourselves high standards there are some things that you need to seek the help of others because we simply don’t have all the answers. akidspace gives our children the voice they need to be heard.
We have spoken about the possibility of my daughter attending another workshop in future if she needs any reinforcement that she is not alone in the way she feels. Certainly as she reaches teenage years it’s comforting to know that there is help out there.

I would wholeheartedly recommend akidspace.


Thank you so much for taking the time to see my children. Sadly, they are unwilling passengers on a bit of a rollercoaster ride , over which they have no control…

When my children arrived at your door they had no ‘points of reference’ and absolutely no ‘coping mechanisms’ in place for what was happening to them, and indeed for anything that might be going to happen to them. Within the safety of akidspace they were able to be quiet, to be angry, to play, draw, listen and talk…..if they wanted to. I know that each of my three girls got something different from the experience.

Amazingly, the little token soft toy….which by the nature of its physical presence has had a remarkable effect ( I suppose holding a small soft toy was a very natural ‘comfort’ when they were much younger). Not only has this little toy helped them as a ‘tool’ for their breathing exercises, it has become a symbol of ‘security’, it has given them something that they can ‘share’ with me or quite simply ‘ gift’ or ‘loan’ to me when they feel they want to help me. I have noticed more and more that the act of ‘helping ‘ me in these kind of small ways is very important to them ( I have 8 woolly knitted friendship bracelets up one arm from them!!)

I think it is wonderful that you have given them a ‘ secret armoury of coping strategies’ that they can all upon, I truly feel that they believe they have a ‘new found wisdom’ that they can choose to use, or to share or impart …if they wish to. By doing this, akidspace has made my children feel like they have some ‘control’ and indeed some ‘power’ within the context of their lives, at a time when they were feeling like all ‘power’ and ‘choices’ had been taken from them.

I would also like to thank you for the support and care you have shown to us either side of the workshop experience, you took a great deal of time to work through the details and  my thoughts and concerns with me and we didn’t just simply  ’fill in forms’….. personally I cannot thank you enough for that.

Today, three weeks after the children finished the course, my daughter made a simple reference to a piece of advice you had given her. It really feels like you have ‘planted the seeds of recovery’ and with that kind of investment in the future you have provided them with the ability to move forward…..it may be very slowly at first…but little by little, as my daughter proved today, they will make use of your advice ‘as and when’ they need it. Although ‘they’ did the course, and not ‘me’, you have made me feel confident that they will be able to call on this good advice more and more as we progress through this nightmare situation.

Mother of three children who attended akidspace

During my divorce my 9 year old son experienced a range of emotions and was struggling. In beginning he was quite angry and I couldn’t get him to talk to me about how he was feeling.

Akidspace came at an important time for us, and although his school was supportive he felt very much alone as none of his friends’ parents were divorced and occasionally unkind words were spoken in the playground.

I have to admit to being very apprehensive about the group in the beginning but all my worries very quickly disappeared after the first session when he came out of the group in what can only be described as an elated state saying that he felt ‘like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders’.

It was a joy as a parent each week sitting outside the room listening to the children laughing and obviously having fun, and for my 9 year old greeting me with smiles and stories of what they had done.

The group experience was so important for him because he no longer felt alone and like he was the only one whose parents were divorced as all the other children were like him. He felt free to talk and share his feelings and experiences with no sense of embarrassment or fear.

Each week he couldn’t wait for the group and although he was sad when the group finished he knew that Emma and Stacey were there if he needed their support in the future.

Akidspace was the turning point we needed to open up the channels of communication between us and has given him the tools he needs to move forward through a difficult time.

I feel this group is essential for more children like my son and having tried the one to one counselling route I feel it was the group experience that was so essential. Having investigated lots of different avenues I am very aware that akidspace is very unique in their approach.

Mother of Jake aged 9

I have been introduced to akidspace by my solicitor as I was looking for a psychologist. He discouraged me to do so as he thought that the children would benefit much more from a workshop with other children involved.

Rightly so, my two sons had a fabulous time with the facilitators as well as the other children, especially as they realised that they were not the only children with separated parents. They thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and they had the opportunity to draw, talk and enjoy themselves.

I really recommend this workshop to all parents who are separated as my children certainly gained confidence from attending it.

Mother of Max aged 6 and Josh aged 8

I would like to thank you so much for the sessions you have provided to my son. He ended up really enjoying it and I think it’ll be beneficial, especially the techniques for dealing with his anger. He said the cd of calming music was a really good thing and he has already listened to it once with his sister to calm her down after she’d had a tantrum. He also commented on how nice and caring all the group leaders were.

Many thanks for all your support, I am very happy that my son took part.

Mother of Oli aged 10

I was recommended to akidspace by my solicitor.  I was delighted as I felt that whilst my son was coping on a day-to-day basis, I was concerned for any residual emotional issues from the divorce and how they might affect him in the future.

Upon first talking with Emma, I was immediately impressed by her demonstrable professionalism and care as well as patience in understanding my circumstances and the impact on my son.

My son absolutely loved attending akidspace.  It was a delight for me that he was able to meet and mix with other children, whose parents were also going through a divorce.  He really looked forward to the sessions and was upset when they ended.

I believe that my son has learnt so much in a safe and trusting environment.  He has been given the tools that he needs to support him through the divorce and, in my opinion, given him the foundation to support him to deal with challenges he will face as he hurtles towards adolescence(!)

Thank you akidspace for everything.  You have definitely helped in making my divorce as pain free as possible for my son.

Mother of Sam aged 10

My daughter loved coming to the group and often spoke about how much she was gaining from going. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping my daughter through a difficult time in her life. She has already shown her feel better bag to everyone and she is really proud of it.

Mother of Katy aged 6

My daughter really enjoyed the sessions and seemed to gain much from them. She has opened up a little about her feelings and the pain she has been through, which was one of my objectives. It has made me aware that I must talk with her more about how she feels and reassure that it’s okay for her to talk when she’s ready.She was sad that the sessions ended as she felt it was a great safe environment to be in and share anxieties with children who understood her fears and worries. She became good friends with one of the other children and although they live far from each other, have kept in contact and will see each other during school holidays.

She wanted to make the cupcakes as a thank you to you guys, she loves cooking and baking and just wanted to show you her appreciation of your help!

In fact, I’d like to say a heart felt thank you too. The sessions, although only 6, really did help her and we will continue to talk together and continue with the fantastic work you started. It’s just a shame there were so few.

Mother of Connie aged 9

I would like to thank akidspace as my son loved the group, and was eager to go every week. He made some good friends, enjoyed the company, and I think he felt better as he realised there were other children who’s parents were divorced and felt happier and at ease. He was disappointed when it ended as he used to look forward to it every week. I believe that my son has learnt a lot from this as he felt it was a safe and trusting environment. He is much happier and deals with things in a different ways now. Thank you once again akidspace.

Mother of Max aged 11

Professional testimonials

“I have known Emma and Stacey through their roles as counsellors and group facilitators working with adults and children.I believe that jointly they provide the right ingredients to create akidspace – They have combined their professional experience to create akidspace, and I have every confidence that they will succeed in providing the space for children to feel heard and acknowledged.”

Michele Joffe Dip Couns. MBACP
Psychotherapy & Counselling


“There is definitely a gap in the market for the kind of help akidspace is offering. I have seen too many times what happens if the young people do not receive early emotional support.”

Shelley Gilbert
CEO Grief Encounter
PO Box 49701
London N20 8XJ


“I am so delighted that you have developed this innovative service. Your warmth, genuineness, skills and motivation are a winning format for children and young people who are so often are forgotten in the separation process”.

Norman Mark
Norman Mark Training


“I worked as a volunteer alongside Emma who was facilitating a group , which helped me with my child counselling diploma.

I found Emma to be extremely professional, creative in her methods and able to contain the group and allow for each client to feel valued and heard.

I can highly recommend her services and would feel secure in the knowledge that she was working with my children.”

Tracey Moser
Trainee Child Counsellor
(Primary school teacher and mum to 2 children)